Monday, 22 November 2010

Time Lapse

I then started to look at more time lapse videos and see how they work. Over course we will be animating to make it look like a time lapse we wont be taking a series of photographs and then putting them together. So its key that we get the aspects of time lapse and its speed to give it an authentic and realistic feel. The links below are links to videos of time lapse's of various buildings.  They also help to show they key stages of any construction site and its process.

I think the links above were very helpful as they showed me not only the stages of construction but they showed me how the vehicles such as cranes and diggers look in time lapse and thats something we will have to interpret into our digital environment animation if we want to make it look like a time lapse. Because everything is moving so fast the vehicles tend to jump from position to position rather than move smoothly. Were as the building changes a lot slower compared to everything around it, such as the sky and so on.  We want to include the 4 seasons into our time lapse and show how the weather effects the construction process. The links below show a time lapse of the seasons and how the environment change however they do not show me how a construction process is effected. But i guess its pretty self explanatory such as the snow slowing things down with there being less workers and other causes and effects.

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