Monday, 22 November 2010


For this project the brief asks that we get into teams of four or five students. We have five team members and decided to give ourselves the team name of W.A.A.R.T. We creatively came up with this team name by taking the first letters of our surnames and putting them together to create a stand out witty name.  

The brief states that we will all be working towards a final collaborative short film but will have the opportunity to fulfill clear and separate roles within the team, which means it is vital that we manage each other well and set an even amount of work and tasks. 

The project requires us to create an environment that demonstrates integral animation, this could be mechanical such as machinery, doors, windows, windmills etc, or it could be more organic, and atmospheric, such as the effects of wind on plants, and weather conditions etc. 

This environment will be modelled in 3D, UV mapped, textured and lit based upon the research of materials and architectural design. This will help to create a visually consistent and coherent digital environment that will contain animated elements. As well as providing an arena to support animation and interaction by characters.

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