Monday, 22 November 2010

Our Idea

We wanted to create an environment that stood out and is interesting, an environment that has lots going on and lots of potential. We came up with the idea of a construction site. This idea ticked all the boxes its an environment which is constantly changing so it has animation potential, and its interesting as you get to see the progress and process of the construction. Construction sites are very busy places, there is always something happening so its an idea that has lots of potential and will attract peoples attention, which is good because you want your work to stand out. 

This idea also benefits me as i have worked on a fairly big construction site over the last two summer holidays and christmas holiday. So i have a fairly good view of what a construction site looks like, how it works, and the sort of things to expect on a construction site. Hopefully my knowledge will benefit the group and the process of creating this environment. 

We then started to think about animation and how we could animate this environment because there is lots going on and we wanted to do something creative with it. After a fair bit of thought we came up with the idea of time lapse, as time lapse is a very common process with buildings. Time lapse is a technique of photographing a slow process, in our case the growth of a building.  Its a process that involves taking a photo each day or taking a photo over a couple of hours or weeks, it varies depending on the demand of the client. Then all the images are put together and played at a fast speed to show the whole process of constructing the building in a short time. This creates a lot of potential for animation as buildings take time to build, and are often built through the four seasons, so it has animation potential as we can interpret the weather into our environment. It also has animation potential as there will be machinery, vehicles and workers moving and interacting with the environment. So we were set with a solid idea that we looked forward to creating. 

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