Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Tilling Texture

I was next given the task to create the texture for the tiles of the Ravensbourne building. I enjoyed this task however it was fairly time consuming. At first i was unsure as to exactly what needed to be done as i knew very little about texturing, so i asked Nat and she kindly explained via her blog. She showed me and explained these images below which helped to get the ball rolling.

So Nat showed me the above image and explained that this was the tile pattern for the Ravensbourne building. However it needed to be scaled down and extended over the larger surface area of 1024 pixels x 1024 pixels.

Nat then started extending the tile image for me and showed me how changing the opacity was an extremely useful technique when piecing the images together.

Above is an image of the beginning section that Nat kindly did for me. This was very helpful as i now understood what i needed to do. So i made the canvas the correct size and began piecing the images together. It was like piecing a puzzle together yet it was a lot harder finding the right pieces that fitted together. Therefore it took me along time to complete. The image below shows how i started piecing the images together to fill the canvas. 

Finally after a long process i finished placing the images together and the image was now ready to be bump mapped and applied to the model of the Ravensbourne building. Below is an image of the complete tile texture for the Ravensbourne building. 

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