Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Job Done

So after lots of hard work and working long hours we have finally finished! I was extremely happy with how the project turned out. There were obviously some things which could have been improved because there is always things that can be improved, but i thought that we had produced a piece of work that we proud of.

We took the opportunity of asking Jared to watch our piece and give us some feedback. Despite knowing we did not have enough time to make improvements it was still vital to hear what Jared thought. Jared suggested some improvements that we could make, and although not having enough time to make the improvements it was extremely helpful as we can take Jared's suggestions and implement them in the next project.

 The first problem we noticed as well as Jared was with the shadows. The shadows in the scene don't react with the surface as they should. Jared explained to us that this was because there were 2 planes used for the surface on the same level and they interfere with each other. Jared told us that the shadows used were "Ray Traced" and Jared suggested we use a technique called "Shadow Mapping."

The next problem that Jared spotted was the camera work and that it was too robotic and didn't feel natural. He said that it gave the viewer the feel that they were not suppose to be on the construction site. I think that this was mostly to do with the fact that the camera does not remain at one constant speed throughout the whole piece, as this gives a very sneaky feel. Jared also explained how it was easy to improve the camera so that it does not look so robotic, he went on to tell us how all you have to do is smooth out the animation in the graph editor. Such as smooth out and smooth in. Of course when Jared told us about this I was kicking myself because it was something that I should have thought of.

Another problem was that the lighting dose not move which ruins the whole time lapse theme. This was something we did not think of due to our lack of lighting knowledge and experience but it opened our eyes so that we knew to think about this in the future. However overall i'm pretty sure that Jared like it.       

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